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.5 GPM Faucet Aerator


The faucet aerator is an incredibly simple device. It works by limiting water flow through a faucet and does so without actually impacting the water pressure.

The things are simple to install. Click here for an excellent how-to on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNQ1auGtSyY

For the average sized family, saves 18,000 gallons of water a year as well as about 800 pounds of carbon dioxide. It doesn't matter if you love the environment or love your wallet, this thing has something for everyone.

I recommend this product for the bathroom. Putting it in a kitchen sink will make it annoying to fill cups, pots, kettles - anything really. In the bathroom, you're probably just brushing your teeth or washing your hands, so you don't need a super high flow rate.

-Solid brass construction
-Ultra water saving 0.5 GPM
-Pressure compensating
-Saves up to 75% on water from a standard 2.2 GPM aerator
-Spray water stream
-Dual-thread 15/16 in. -27 in. x 55/64 in. -27 in.
-Chrome finish
-Easy installation
-Lead free, complies with reduction of lead in drinking water act
-OEM quality

Free shipping in the USA.